A Bit About Us

Why AsiaCommerce ?

AsiaCommerce is an import agency that helps entrepreneurs improves their businesses through E-commerce. We pride ourselves as a one-stop-shop for those who want to make or improve their offline and online-retail stores. We have 8 main product categories which are accessories, furniture, cosmetics, foods &beverages, fashions, shoes, bags, and electronics. Our services include product handling, procurement of goods, and shipping of imported goods, handling of import documents, online-store creation, and e-Commerce marketing training. So you can build your ecommerce without any worries. We have a highly specialized team who will ensure to manage all of your ecommerce needs.

AsiaCommerce wants to develop your business and become a success through helping you source products from China, Thailand, Korea and Japanwithout the worry and hassle of talking to suppliers and customs. We also help you create your own E-commerce website along with providing training and tools in marketing for your E-commerce business to increase leads and sales.

Nowadays, business is growing rapidly with high sales and unlimited goods. That is the reason Asiacommerce helps and offers you many kinds of payment options to get the products globally in order to give the market needed. We are good at what we do and we can ensure to provide you trustworthy, hassle free shopping and importation of goods for your business especially the brand owner, retail, wholesale and ecommerce to build your branding with the best service.

We give service via live chat in Asiacommerce.net or email to [email protected] Moreover, you can give a comment or review the goods to us.

We have 2 offices which are at Ruko Apartment Robinson Unit JJ. Jalan Jembatan Dua, Jakarta, 1146 and Jalan Gembong Sawah 6, Surabaya. And also at 25/F Workington Tower, 78 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. 

Thank you for visiting us. You can discuss with our team about your ecommerce and we will give you the best recommendation start from now.

We Help Brands & Retailers For Better Supply Chains

with our full service end-to-end global sourcing, inspection, and freight forwarding